Network Services

If the network is important to your company, shouldn't it be running on Cisco networking equipment?

Cisco is the leader in networking worldwide and Ciphertek is the leading IT services provider in the Upper Cumberlands. We are proud to be an Authorized Cisco Partner.


Growth is good... except when it isn't! Today's workplace environment has become ever more reliant upon a network infrastructure that is robust, scalable and capable of handling the dynamic needs of demanding users and latency sensitive applications such as VOIP and video conferencing. Whether it is upgrading aging equipment or configuring VLANs, ACLs, QoS or other VPN tunnels, Ciphertek has Cisco Certified professionals ready to assist your growing business with your networking needs.

Has your network been feeling sluggish or web pages loading slower than they used to? Ciphertek will perform a network evaluation to assess the performance of your network and provide a management and upgrade plan that will provide an upgrade plan for your equipment and configure to match your business and regulatory compliance requirements.

Ask us about how a managed solution with SmartNET subscription can help your business upgrade your network equipment as a service!

Ciphertek has been providing network installation and support services to Upper Cumberland area businesses since 1993! When your company needs to replace or upgrade its existing network infrastructure... Think Ciphertek, think Cisco.


The days of "set it and forget it" are behind us. It's 4 in the morning and someone has tried to scan your network for vulnerabilities to compromise your network and access your information. A new exploit has been discovered and is being published worldwide. The government has changed regulatory requirements and your network equipment has just been listed as vulnerable. A new piece of equipment has been released and your network infrastructure has just been listed as End-of-Life and will no longer be supported.

With Ciphertek Managed Services, our certified professionals manage and maintain your network infrastructure with the latest firmware and IOS to keep your equipment updated and secure. When your network equipment ages, is no longer vendor supported or cannot meet regulatory requirements, Ciphertek will upgrade, remove and recycle your old equipment as a part of our lifecycle management procedures.


Many businesses perform offsite backups after hours. This is partially to shift the performance impact to the network from the additional network traffic to a time when no one is scheduled to be at the office to notice the performance decrease, but to also ensure the capture of all the day's work. Unfortunately, this is also the time when ISP's and network service providers also schedule maintenance and updates to their own networks. If your internet connection at the office dropped at night, would you notice? If your needed to recover a lost or corrupted Quickbooks file that should have made if offsite but didn't because the scheduled upload failed when the network connection unexpectedly dropped the night before... would you notice then?

Ciphertek monitors network connectivity and performance and should there be an issue we will report and issue incident respose tickets based on your policies and support agreements. Should we issue tickets and email you of the failure so that you or your staff can respond or is your company procedure on file and our administrators are authorized to begin calling your carrier to resolve connectivity issues and once connectivty has been reestablished, resume or restart interupted jobs?


Periodic health checks on the physical state of your equipment can be an indicator to potential problems. Is your equipment is accessible to employees who can plug anything into an open port or an open air environment with airborn particles and debries? Our technicians will monitor the status, clean, powercycle and run diagnostic software to ensure that the network equipment in your environment remains in operation as long as possible.


Hackers, viruses and malware are constantly working to get onto your network and into your computers. From stealing identity or credit card information, compromising your network services for their own finacial benefit to holding your data hostage or reputational damage; always being connected to the internet means you are always available to be targeted.

In Q2 of this year, Ciphertek introduced an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Monitoring Service to our financial services clients. Our network security team monitors and responds to alerts that our IDS detects and responds to eliminate suspicious or atypical network comunications and behaviors.

The IDS has already enabled the Ciphertek network security team to successfully identify and eliminate compromsed systems and saved our clients thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.